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Projects - Analyzer System
Axis Engineering is an independent System Integrator allowing us to tailor the system to the client’s exact requirements and needs by selecting the make and type (measuring principle) of analyzers that are best suitable for the required application. We provide total analyzer system integration for on-line analyzer systems for gas and liquid applications.

Axis Engineering provides turnkey solution for packaged analytical and instrumentation systems including basic Engineering, detailed Engineering and design, manufacturing, testing, and Start–up. We demonstrate proven quality systems integration. Our technical expertise ensures the best solution for the client with an efficient process analyser system package, and the best solution to operate and maintain it safely.

Axis Engineering designs and build complete process analysis systems for the petrochemical, refining and related sectors by selecting and applying the best analysis and sampling technologies available for the supply of the best Analyser systems. That includes:

  • Design and Construction of Pressure Reducing Station (PRS),
  • Sample Conditioning System (SCS) and fast-loop circuit, Sample Transport System (STS)
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems,
  • Electrical and Safety systems
  • Mechanical Design of analyser shelters, cabinets and racks.

Analyser Systems are supplied and installed in the custom built Analyser Houses including air-conditioning, power distribution, lighting, junction boxes, fire and gas detection systems, relevant piping and wiring. Analyser systems are also supplied in Three- sided shelters, cabinets or racks as per the customer and/or analyser requirements.

Process sample probes and sample transport lines are designed to ensure representative and rapid sampling, avoiding a possibility of contamination or dead volume. Sample Conditioning systems provide the sample in a state and condition compatible to the measurement technique used by analysers.

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