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Projects - Sample Conditioning System
Process analyser sampling systems are critical to the analysers themselves performance, and consequently to the customer plant’s production control and quality, and our optimized system provides exceptional analysis performance.

Many of the problems faced with the analyzer operation and maintenance are related to their sample conditioning systems, either their design, the components selection, or the system assembly.

Our sample handling systems design and fabrication experience covers a broad range of applications for GCs, with gas or liquid samples, single or multi-stream, physical properties analysers, Sulphur measurement, NIR analyzer for blending or process control, and continuous measurements. From complex heated multi-stream systems to simple single point analysis, we can assure you the clean representative sample that’s critical to your analyzer.

Process Analyzers are only as accurate and reliable as the sample that is transported to them from the process. The Sample Conditioning System (SCS) and the sample transport system must work together to provide a representative Sample from the process to the analyzer.

To accomplish this goal of providing a representative sample from the process to the Process analyzer it’s necessary to maintain a single phase sample from the process to the sample loop on the analyzer.

We design sample conditioning systems that ensures all components are working together to produce reliable results for many years. The sample systems will be designed in each case based on:

  • the process conditions,
  • the analyzer operation and maintenance requirements,
  • the site conditions,
  • and customer specifications.

The sample conditioning systems components would include when required pressure regulators, sample vaporizers, sample coolers, pumps, filters, drainers, spargers, flowmeters, pressure and temperature gages, stream switching valves, ...

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