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Projects - Steam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS)
Axis Engineering provides customized Steam & Water Sampling Systems (SWAS) which provides safe, fast and accurate analysis.

Steam and Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) are used at power plants to automatically analyse and display critical information about the purity and condition of water and steam in the power cycle. The plant operators and chemists use the data from the analysers to ensure that they are maintaining the proper chemistry to eliminate or minimize corrosion damage to turbines, boilers, heat exchangers and piping and maximize efficiency and plant life.

In any power plant running on steam, the purity of boiler feed water and steam is absolutely crucial; especially to steam turbine, steam boiler, super heater, condenser and other steam equipment. To keep the power plant up and running, with minimum erosion and corrosion, we have fully integrated Steam and Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) that provide exact, precise measurements on all these critical parameters. The analysers systems are typically designed to provide the most accurate and reliable results by reducing the sample temperatures and controls the sample pressures that flow to the analysers as per their operation requirements.

The systems can be designed fully integrated in shelters, or in local racks and cabinets to be installed inside the plant building.

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