We Are Focused On Ensuring The Best Possible Solutions For Specific Applications For Every Customer.

Axis Engineering was founded by a single-minded mission to deliver exceptional fit-for-purpose solutions for packaged process analysers and instrumentation systems for the oil and gas industry and process industries. Axis Engineering recognises the oil and gas industry’s demanding requirements for precision, reliability and safety and offers application-specific solutions to comply innovatively to meet these challenges that make a measurable difference. As a result, the group has grown to be the only Independent System Integrator providing complete solutions from five global locations – Singapore, Japan, India, UAE and Saudi Arabia.


At Axis, it is knowledge in motion, continuously leveraging the extensive instrumentation and analysers experience of its engineers, including sample conditioning systems engineering and design, shelters integration and project management, and expertise in the chemical, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, and PLC logic fields. In fact, Axis is one of the few companies in the industry offering mechanical engineering capabilities thereby having the resources to build the entire solution in-house.


In-depth knowledge, practical insights, innovative approaches and technological superiority, form the cornerstone of our practices. Dependable process control, reliable monitoring, high safety standards, environmentally responsible solutions, all combine resulting in maximising productivity and reliability. The right system minimising downtime for our customers adding value to efficiencies, productivity and sustainability.


  • ISO 9001
    ISO 14001
    OHSAS 18001
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    Brand Award 2016